Fully Managed

The success of The London Bath Co. is predominantly due to its fully managed installation process. Every installation is carefully overseen by franchises throughout the entire process. Utilising our pool of high quality, experienced installers exclusively available to franchisees alleviates much of the risk of poor workmanship.

Regular monitoring of each project is essential to maintaining a high-quality finish. Checking the integrity of the work at each stage and ensuring the correct materials are used ensures high standards are always maintained. Franchisees are shown exactly what to look for when checking each stage of the installation.

Franchisee Training

Ok, I’m interested

what do I do now?

Call 020 7127 5235 or email [email protected]  We will call you for an initial informal discussion and then if you wish we will arrange a meeting so that you can get to know more about The London Bath Co. franchise opportunity over a cup of coffee.