3D CAD Design

Full training and software

Our ‘free in-home design consultation’ is a powerful sales tool that allows us to entice clients in a relaxed unpressured environment in the comfort of their own homes. Over the years we have developed a system using specialist bathroom CAD (computer aided design) software. The system is modular and our intensive quick start training programme is designed to enable franchisees to quickly learn how redesign virtually any space to create a beautiful designer bathroom.

Using the system, franchisees learn how to produce highly detailed and realistic jaw dropping illustrations often resulting in an excited “wow! Is that really my bathroom?” from their clients. Once familiar with the system this can be done in a matter of minutes. Gaining these skills helps franchisees engage with their clients, giving clients confidence in selecting the franchisee as their preferred supplier.

Following completion of the CAD training programme franchisees will accompany actual in-home design consultations learning how to apply their new skills when face to face with a client, measuring, designing and selling ‘the dream’. During this process, franchisees will also visit actual bathroom installations in progress learning how a good finish is achieved and what to look for when inspecting your own installations.

Franchisee Training

Ok, I’m interested

what do I do now?

Call 020 7127 5235 or email [email protected] We will call you for an initial informal discussion and then if you wish we will arrange a meeting so that you can get to know more about The London Bath Co. franchise opportunity over a cup of coffee.